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Application for Water Slide Decales

Basic tools required to apply decals are water bowl, rubber squeeze and a soft cloth

Fill the bowl with clean water

Soak each decal section (one at a time) in the water until it starts to uncurl and slightly relaxes. Do not allow decals to soak for long period

Remove water and allow to rest for a few moment and you will notice that the decal will slide around the backing paper when gently rubbed.

Make sure the ware is clean, any direct or grease can affect the fired result.

Pick up the decal with the backing paper and slide the decal from the paper on to the ware. Do not apply upside down. Position the decal in the correct location and hold one edge with a finger and using the squeeze remove all water and air bubbles from under the decal.ter

Wipe carefully with clean cloth or paper towel to remove surface water.

Make final check for positioning, air bubbles and water etc. When the decal has been on the ware for a few minutes it cannot be moved.

Allow to dry for 4-8 hours before firing.

Poor application or lack of attention to detail can result in after firing defects